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Kona Coffee has become famous worldwide for its uniquely rich flavor. For generations the volcanic mountains of Hawaii's Big Island have produced one of the finest coffees in the world. Sheltered from the Pacific tradewinds, the Holualoa area has a unique climate of seasonal rainfall and sunny blue skies - the perfect environment for growing the superior Arabica bean known as Kona Blue Sky Coffee.

Growing Kona Coffee is a way of life. The 20 mile long Kona Coffee Belt has a history steeped in the meeting of cultures with a common goal of producing a world class coffee. Few changes have occurred in the original methods of coffee production as most tasks are still completed by nature or by hand. While visiting Kona, no trip would be complete without a visit to Kona Blue Sky Coffee Company's Visitor Center located in the heart of the historic Kona Coffee Belt.

Our 100% pure Kona Coffee is grown exclusively on the Twigg-Smith Estate that encompasses over 400 acres of Kona's prime Coffee Belt on the slopes of Mt. Hualalai. The orchards, some of which are over 100 years old, lie between the ideal coffee producing elevations of 1,400 feet to 3,500 feet. Springtime here is laden with the fragrant aroma of coffee blossoms, locally called "Kona Snow". The coffee trees flourish in the rich volcanic soil, bright sunny mornings and misty afternoons. These conditions are perfect for producing large, dense, flavorful coffee beans.

Like fine vintage wines, our coffee is distinguished from commercial blends by the tremendous amount of care taken throughout each step of the process. Year-round care includes the following: individual pruning for high quality; handpicking only the ripest coffee cherry; sun-drying on large decks called hoshidanas; roasting just prior to shipment; and packaging the freshly roasted coffee in specially sealed bags while still warm to ensure freshness. The trees are never sprayed with pesticides other than soap and water. The end product of this process is famous among coffee drinking societies throughout the world.

Kona Blue Sky Coffee Company's dedication is evident in our mission statement: "Our pledge is to produce a pleasing, aesthetic coffee, cared for with great pride and concern for quality and consistency." Our company's focus is to provide our own estate grown coffee and other coffee related products to coffee lovers around the world while continuing to educate consumers and industry professionals on what it means to be a true Coffee Estate.


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